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About Us

Incbio started life in Portugal in 2006 with the production of domestic biodiesel processors and small scale commercial processors. Having since grown to become the largest biodiesel equipment provider in the country, since 2008 the company started working on the construction of large scale equipment, with ultrasonic reactors, a pioneering equipment which will revolutionise the industry in years to come.

With a continuous investment in R&D, we aim to be pioneers in this sector, developing innovative systems and methods. The introduction of our ultrasonic reactors is evidence of this mentality, making us stand out from our competition. Our clients say that in comparison with us, our competition offers analogue solutions in a digital world! 

From Design, Engineering, Consultancy and Construction we are able to assist you in as little or as much as you require. From retrofitting of existing units with state of the art ultrasonic or multi-feedstock technology to design, manufacture and start-up of complete industrial units, we are ideally placed to make your project a reality. 

Because we understand very well that profitability is the name of the game, all of our units are designed to be as efficient as technically possible, helping you maximise your profits. But we also understand that this very profitability starts with the initial capital expenditure on equipment, which is why we offer what we believe to be the most competitive prices that can currently be found on the market.


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