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Biodiesel Plant Retrofit

With the end of cheap good quality feedstock, ever stricter quality standards and the constant push by Governments to shift Biodiesel production from virgin oils to waste or by-products, many Biodiesel plants all over the world find themselves in a tough position: their profits are slimming and inevitably the more technologically advanced competition will drive them out of the market. This is where we can help. Our modular approach is ideally suited for integration with existing industrial units.

Our engineering team assesses each client’s needs on an individual basis and our flexibility allows for a complete integration of our equipment with the existing plant. From the introduction of our modules as standalone pre-treatment units, replacement of existing reactors with highly efficient ultrasonic units, to complete engineering and automation integration, we are able to assist our clients inreturning their plants to profitability and be fully prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

With the existing industrial Biodiesel production plant in mind, we are able to design and supply the following equipment:
  • High FFA pre-treatment (acid esterification)
  • Feedstock degumming
  • Catalyst dosing equipment
  • Separation centrifuges
  • Water wash and separation centrifuges, designed specifically for Biodiesel
  • Ion exchange resin purification
  • Vacuum drying (dehumidification)
  • Methanol recovery
  • Biodiesel distillation columns
  • Glycerine distillation columns

Ultrasonic Reactors

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