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Ethanol is one of the best commercially established renewable fuels in the market, with a history that goes back several decades. It can be produced from a variety of feedstock, ranging from corn and sugarcane to beet and even potato. Recently the industry has also started producing cellulosic ethanol from woods and grasses.

The steps required for the production of ethanol are: fermentation of sugars, distillation and dehydration (using molecular sieves for the highest purity). Before fermentation, some crops require saccharification or hydrolysis of carbohydrates (corn and cellulose) into sugars. For best results, and depending on the feedstock, enzymes will be used in order to convert the starch into sugar.

IncBio has worked in improving the ethanol production process and increased the conversion efficiency by using our in-house developed ultrasonic reactors to disrupt the cells and extract more starch than a conventional process.

IncBio offers a complete range of equipment for ethanol production, and is able to offer modules for retrofitting of each of the individual steps, or complete turnkey plants.
Ultrasonic Reactors
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