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Oils, Fats and Oleochemicals

Building on our years of experience in Biodiesel processing, IncBio now offers a complete range of solutions for the oils, fats and oleochemicals industry.

Depending on which feedstock you plan to work with there will be different needs for pre-processing, our team can design and build the following equipment:
  • Degumming (conventional or ultrasonic) - Ultrasonic degumming is much more efficient than traditional degumming, due to a complete emulsification of the water and phosphoric acid with the feedstock.
  • Bleaching
  • Neutralization (conventional or ultrasonic) - As with degumming the use of ultrasonic emulsification also improves the neutralization process and processing time significantly.
  • Deodorizing
  • filtration equipment
  • Oil/fat splitting
  • Fatty acid packed column distillation
  • Fatty acid fractional distillation
  • Fatty acid dry fractionation
  • Fatty acid hydrogenation




Fatty Acid Processing


Ultrasonic Reactors

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