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Manufacturing drugs, nutritional additives and active substances requires the highest standards of quality regarding product purity and validated manufacturing processes. We are fully aware of the responsibility that is demanded of equipment manufacturers and our work is performed using Best Available Technology to international pharmaceutical industry standards such as GMP guidelines and FDA requirements.

From the lab pilot scale plants to full scale industrial production, our broad offering and engineering expertise make us the ideal partner for your project.

We know very well the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and understand development and manufacturing of liquid media like few, whilst being a relatively small company allows us the flexibility to develop custom-fit concepts for pharmaceutical clients worldwide.

Additionally we also offer solutions for retrofit of older plants, be it with flexible CIP, automation or conversion of batch plants to continuous operation when needed.

Take advantage of our state of the art efficient solutions for your process needs. We will help make your business a success.

Among others, we offer the following equipment and services:
  • Complete process lines and turnkey chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • UltraPure water systems
  • Lab glassware washing machines
  • Homogenization and emulsification equipment (traditional and ultrasonic)
  • Ultrasonic cell disruption and sonochemistry equipment
  • CIP systems
  • Evaporation systems (including short path evaporators and WFEs)
  • Membrane filtration
  • Separators and decanters
  • Tank farm equipment
  • Process automation and integration
  • Engineering, construction and maintenance
Fatty Acid Processing

Filtration Equipment

UltraPure Water Systems

Ultrasonic Reactors

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