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Renewable Diesel and Biojet Fuel

Renewable Diesel, also known as green diesel or second-generation biodiesel, is produced from fats or vegetable oils, refined by a hydrotreating process. Renewable Diesel meets the petroleum diesel ASTM and EN590 specification, which allows it to be used in existing diesel infrastructure and vehicles without any regulatory issues. Due to its properties being similar to non-renewable diesel it can also be used as Biojet Fuel, helping airlines lower their emissions.

Renewable Diesel can be produced from a very wide variety of feedstock, such as soybean, palm, canola or rapeseed oil, animal tallow, waste vegetable oil or brown grease. Renewable Diesel is produced by hydrogenating triglycerides to remove metals and compounds with oxygen and nitrogen using existing refinery infrastructure.

Fuel producers can use Renewable Diesel as a substitute or blended in any proportion with petroleum-based diesel without modifying vehicle engines or fuelling infrastructure as it meets the same standards as conventional diesel.

Renewable Diesel is also compatible with existing fuel distribution systems, so no dedicated distribution or fuelling infrastructure is required.

Renewable Diesel can be an alternative to conventional transportation fuels, with significant added benefits, including:
  • Increased energy security – Renewable Diesel can be produced from domestically grown feedstocks, reducing the need for imports.
  • Lower emissions – Carbon dioxide is captured by growing feedstock, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Renewable Diesel’s extremely low sulphur content also lowers harmful emissions.
  • Increased flexibility – Since Renewable Diesel meets existing quality standards it can be used as fuel in all modern diesel vehicles.
  • Better performance – Renewable Diesel's high combustion quality results in a better vehicle performance compared to conventional diesel.


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