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Turnkey Biodiesel Plant

IncBio has a complete highly experienced multidisciplinary team, capable of designing, building and/or project managing, guaranteeing the efficient start-up and giving continued support in the production of turnkey Biodiesel plants.

Whatever the feedstock, including up to 100% FFA feedstock, we create solutions with the following capacities:
  • INCBIO 1T - 1 Metric Tonne per hour, approximately 8,000 MT per year
  • INCBIO 2T - 2 Metric Tonnes per hour, approximately 16,000 MT per year
  • INCBIO 5T - 5 Metric Tonnes per hour, approximately 40,000 MT per year
  • INCBIO 10T - 10 Metric Tonnes per hour, approximately 80,000 MT per year
From the initial concept stage Incbio can work with you in determining the most important aspects of a Biodiesel refinery project, taking into consideration the following points:
  • Available budget
  • Site selection
  • Feedstock requirement and availability
  • Government incentives
  • Availability of transport and utilities
Based on the points above our consultants will assist you in determining the plant size that fits your particular circumstances. Once this step is concluded we can then assist you in the following:
  • Plant permitting
  • Civil engineering
Our engineering team is composed of Process, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Automation engineers. With a combined experience of over 100 years in design, construction and management of industrial plants, you can rest assured that once the project moves on to the plant design and construction stage our engineers have the expertise required to ensure your plant project becomes a reality.

Single point of contact – our team will liaise with all parties involved and project manage your plant’s construction, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and giving you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge your project is in good hands.

Plant start-up and staff training – when the plant’s construction is finalised, Incbio’s team will test every aspect of the plant to ensure that it is working as designed. Once this testing is completed we will successfully start-up the plant and train your staff in its start-up, safety, troubleshooting and shutdown.

Operational support – Incbio’s services need not stop, and indeed don’t, with the plant start-up. If you experience any difficulties with your plant’s operation we can come and assist you at a moment’s notice ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. Additionally we can provide staff to operate your plant, should you wish us to do so.

Flexibility – being a young and dynamic team, we understand that the world changes rapidly, and as such our plants are designed to be easily expandable in size, but also flexible in feedstock. We know that the Biodiesel industry is constantly looking for new feedstocks, and take this into account when designing our plants so you can rest assured that if your plans change and you require your plant to be updated, the process will be quick and pain free.

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