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IncBio announces ground-breaking Palm Oil extraction technology

Porto, Portugal – February 6th, 2017: IncBio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art fully automated industrial plants, is bringing to the market a revolutionary new Crude Palm Oil (CPO) extraction technology that is proven to achieve an Oil Extraction Rate (OER) above 25%. Considering that OER for the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry was 20,1% in 20161, this represents a potential efficiency gain of 25%. That is 25% more oil with the same Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB).

Environmentally, this technology solves the major problems of traditional CPO mills, with a reduction of 60% of water usage, and a reduction of 50% of effluent discharge. Also, the process itself guarantees that the effluent has 0,01% or less of oil contamination, which removes the existence of oxidation lagoons. Because of these figures IncBio’s palm oil mills reduce methane emissions by 50%, and can be equipped with options which can completely eliminate methane emissions (compost or gasification unit).

The technology can either be implemented in new palm oil mills, or integrated in existing mills in order to modernize them, dramatically increasing yields and lowering their environmental impact. It’s also a solution for plantation owners who are struggling to increase capacity through adding new plantation area whilst maintaining their sustainability credentials, since the same plantation and fruit can produce 25% more oil.

IncBio’s milling technology has been implemented for two years in a 30 MT/hour FFB mill, so it has been proven and fine-tuned in an industrial environment. It is a patented technology around the world, which demonstrates its unique approach to the decades old palm oil extraction industry.

About IncBio

IncBio, founded in Portugal in 2006, has grown to become one of the largest and few Biodiesel equipment providers in the world, providing technologically advanced large scale Biodiesel equipment equipped with ultrasonic Biodiesel reactors, and the ability to produce high quality Biodiesel from the lowest cost waste materials available.

In recent years the company has followed its philosophy of investing heavily in R&D in order to bring innovative technologies and processes to market, and has been expanding in areas such as oleochemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and food processing. Over the coming months the company expects to be announcing several developments to the market.

From Design, Engineering, Consultancy and Construction IncBio is able to assist clients in as little or as much as they require. From retrofitting of existing units with state of the art technology to EPC and start-up of complete industrial units, IncBio is ideally placed to turn an industrial project into a reality.

1Source: Malaysian Palm Oil Board:
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