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IncBio awarded a 60.000 MT/year RBD Palm Oil Refinery contract

Porto, Portugal – March 7th, 2017: IncBio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art fully automated industrial plants, has been awarded a new contract for a 60.000 MT/year Palm Oil Refining plant.

The plant will comprise of degumming, bleaching, deodorization and fractionation of crude palm oil (CPO), which will be used for food and biodiesel applications. This will be the first Palm Oil Refinery in the world with IncBio Ultrasonic Reactor technology, which greatly improves operational costs, by reducing chemical consumption and process time. The plant should begin operation during the first quarter of 2018.

The contract has been awarded by the Colombian company Abagó SAS, and the plant will be located at Abagó’s Palm Oil Extraction Mill in Puerto Gaitán, Colombia, that already uses IncBio’s Dynamic Sterilization Technology for the extraction of CPO, a technology which enables the company to have the highest extraction rate in Colombia, regularly exceeding 25% OER.

IncBio and Abagó have a long-standing relationship driven by similar core values, as two companies that favor the development and implementation of innovative technologies, such as the Dynamic Sterilization Technology for CPO extraction and Ultrasonic Reactor technology for refining of edible oils and Biodiesel production. The new plant will further reinforce the companies’ partnership.

About IncBio

IncBio, founded in Portugal in 2006, has grown to become one of the largest and few Biodiesel equipment providers in the world, providing technologically advanced large scale Biodiesel equipment equipped with Ultrasonic Biodiesel Reactors, and the ability to produce high quality Biodiesel from the lowest cost waste materials available.

In recent years the company has followed its philosophy of investing heavily in R&D in order to bring innovative technologies and processes to market, and has been expanding in areas such as oleochemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and food processing. Over the coming months, the company expects to be announcing several developments to the market.

In 2017, IncBio has presented to the market a new technology for Palm Oil Extraction Mills, the Dynamic Sterilization Technology, a technology which enables Mills to have the extraction rates regularly exceeding 25% OER.

From Design, Engineering, Consultancy and Construction IncBio is able to assist clients in as little or as much as they require. From retrofitting of existing units with state of the art technology to EPC and start-up of complete industrial units, IncBio is ideally placed to turn an industrial project into a reality.

About Abagó SAS

Abagó is a Colombian company that specializes in the plantation and extraction of palm oil. The company’s palm oil operation started in 1993, and was setup in the Los Llanos area of Colombia, as this is the most promising area for growth of the palm oil industry in the country.

Steered by the Carvalho family, the company has enjoyed great growth over the past few years through strategic planning and betting in innovative technologies. In 2011 it started the construction of a Palm Oil Extraction Mill, Cogeneration Plant, and Organic Compost Plant.

It is the first Palm Oil Extraction Mill in the world with the Dynamic Sterilisation Technology, which enables the company to have the highest extraction rate in Colombia, regularly exceeding 25% OER.
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