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Fatty Acid Processing

Fatty Acid Fractional Distillation

Oils and animal fats are composed of several types of fatty acids, and depending on the application there may be a requirement for them to be split into different fractions. The separation of Omega 3 from Ethyl Esters is a good example of this, however many more applications may require it.

IncBio offers tailor made oils and fatty acids distillation solutions ranging from tray columns, to packed columns and short path evaporators, for a variety of feedstocks, with high or low viscosities or melting points. Our distillation experts are ideally suited to guide you to the most appropriate solution for your distillation requirements.

Fatty Acid Fractionation

The fractionation of oils and fats is used in order to modify their melting behaviour and stability such as to improve the functional properties for certain applications. The process itself consists of cooling the oil in a controlled fashion inducing a partial crystallization. The liquid fraction (olein) is then separated from the solid fraction (stearin) by filtration or centrifugation.

This process is known as Dry Fractionation, and is by far the most commonly used in the industry due to the low operating cost and relatively good fractionation. If however a different efficiency is required then Solvent Fractionation or Detergent Fractionation may be used depending on the application.

IncBio’s team of experienced engineers are able to assist our clients in the best available solution to achieve their goals.

Fatty Acid Hydrogenation

Vegetable oils are commonly referred to as "polyunsaturated", meaning that they are composed of several double bonds. These oils can be converted from liquids to solids by the hydrogenation reaction, an example of this in everyday life are margarines and shortenings, which use this process to make them solid or semi-solid.

The reaction is relatively simple, and works via agitation or hydrogen dispersion in the presence of a catalyst. Through carefully controlled temperature and pressure the desired results are obtained. IncBio’s tailor made solutions are ideally suited for your hydrogenation project requirements.
Modular Solutions

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