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Palm Oil Extraction

IncBio’s new patented technology for palm oil extraction brings a new standard to the market, in efficiency, water consumption and effluents.


No oxidation lagoons – virtually no methane emissions.

Proven and fine-tuned technology, in a 20 MT/hour Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) Mill in Colombia running for 2 years, with a constant OER above 25%.

In traditional extraction, very large sterilizers are used, where the whole FFB is sterilized in steel wagons. This results in several disadvantages over Dynamic Sterilization, namely:

  • Very high consumption of steam, due to the need for heating both the FFB and steel cars, and of reaching multiple temperature peaks;
  • Large oil losses, due to residual oil in the steam condensate;
  • Loss of oil to the Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB), which can only be recovered by secondary processes, such as EFB presses;
  • EFB Fibre, used as fuel for boilers, has a high content of oil and humidity, which produces a thick black smoke with high particulate matter emissions;
  • Large effluent discharge, requiring oxidation lagoons, which produce and release to the atmosphere a large amount of methane.
The revolutionary innovation that IncBio’s technology brings to the market is Dynamic Sterilization of the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB), instead of the traditional sterilizers which have been used for decades.

IncBio’s new technology has been developed over several years, and it is patented in several countries around the world. It’s a new approach to a decades old technology, modular and easily scalable. Comparatively to a traditional mill it offers the following advantages:
  • Automatic loading of the FFB from the unloading bay to the sterilizer, so no cages are required;
  • Constant temperature and pressure in the sterilizer, and a more complete cook due to the Dynamic Sterilization process, leading to steam savings above 50%;
  • No oil losses to condensate, which is processed together with the press liquor;
  • Elimination of EFB, processed together with the fruit, so it has no oil losses to EFB;
  • The fibres from the process are much lower in oil and humidity than standard, leading to a higher calorific value, and cleaner burn in the boiler;
  • NO EFFLUENT DISCHARGE – by using a composting system ALL the Effluent and remaining biomass are recycled back to the plantation, eliminating the need for oxidation lagoons. This is only possible because IncBio’s Dynamic Sterilization Technology has over 50% less Effluent than standard.
Please contact us today to find out more about this revolutionary technology.


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