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UltraPure Water Systems

IncBio designs and builds UltraPure water systems for a variety of industries, from the semiconductor to power and pharmaceutical industries. As experienced industrial engineers our team designs the systems in order to meet today’s ever stricter specifications and ensure our clients get water at the high purity their intended use requires.

Our UltraPure water contains only H20, and H+ and OH- ions in equilibrium. In order to achieve this purity we have to carry out 2 steps: from tap water or groundwater, the water is first demineralised using membrane filtration or ion exchange to reach the intended conductivity followed by processing in a high performance mixed bed or by Electrodeionization (EDI), in order to remove ions and polar species.

Our systems are skid mounted and fully automated, using only components from the leading brands, with ease of use, high uptime and reliability as their most important characteristics.
Modular Solutions

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