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Ultrasonic Reactors

IncBio has conducted extensive R&D in ultrasonic reactor technology, and after a considerably long time spent in testing a variety of feedstocks and processes we have developed our own reactors specifically developed to process on both batch and continuous plants. These ultrasonic reactors can be fully ATEX compliant and can be retrofitted to any operational plant.

By creating molecular cavitation our reactors ensure that whenever a process requires intensive mixing, the medium is homogeneously emulsified and come to a complete reaction, increasing yields dramatically.


Advantages of our Ultrasonic Reactor:

Process flexibility - ultrasounds achieve the same great results with any feedstock;

Low power consumption
- with a total consumption of approximately 2kWh per 1,000 litres of liquid medium processed, our reactors are unmatched for economy;

No moving parts
- ultrasonic reactors have no moving parts, meaning that there is virtually no maintenance required, apart from regular cleaning operations;

Consistently high yields and quality
- by creating micro bubbles, that contract and expand increasing the surface area where the reaction takes place instantaneously, molecular cavitation emulsifies the feedstock and reagents guaranteeing maximum yields and high quality finished product at all times.



Feedstock Pre-treatment

Modular Solutions

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